Howard's Second Great-Grandparents

Amos Gibson and Dorcas McDermott(McDermed/McDermud)

Amos Gibson was born March 21, 1832 in Rapides Parish, LA, and died October 19, 1909 in Rapides Parish, LA. He was the son of Zedekiah R. Gibson and Sarah Hight. He first married Sarah Jane Sweat March 29, 1855 in Rapides Parish, LA, daughter of Ephraim Sweat and Nancy West. She was born May 20, 1840 in Rapides Parish, LA, and died January 11, 1856 in Rapides Parish, LA, less than one year after marriage. Amos then married Dorcas McDermott March 17, 1857 in Rapides Parish, LA. Dorcas' parents' are not known, but her father was from Ireland and her mother was from Louisiana. She was born November 22, 1840 in Louisiana, and died March 24, 1906 in Rapides Parish, LA. The spelling of Dorcas' last name is not known. Her tombstone reads "McDermed". Her recording in the 1850 census reads "McDermit".

The following sources were useful in providing valuable information for Amos Gibson and his wife, Dorcas McDermott:

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