Elizabeth Ann Brazier Baulch Photo Album

These photos were emailed by Mary Bright Hunter Young to Howard Stone Baulch in January 2002. The photos came from a photo album believed to have been the property of Elizabeth Ann Brazier Baulch, our great-grandmother. The photos are presented in the order in which they appear in the album. A few of the photos have been identified, but most have not. If you have any ideas on the unidentified persons, please let us know.

Note: Click on the thumbnail of any image to get a larger view of the photo. I put low fidelity images of these pictures on the web site to reduce loading times. If you would like a better quality image of any photograph, just ask Mary Bright.

John Baulch and Sophia Stone
John R. Baulch and Sophia Stone Baulch
(1810-1892, 1814-1885)
Alfred N Baulch
Alfred Nelson Baulch
Joseph Asbury Baulch
Joseph Asbury Baulch
Elizabeth Brazier Baulch
Elizabeth Ann Brazier Baulch
William Nicholas Baulch
William Nicholas Baulch
#6 Unknown
#6 Unknown
George Nelson Baulch
George Nelson Baulch
Cullen Asbury Baulch
Cullen Asbury Baulch
Harriet A Baulch
Harriet Ann Baulch
10 unknown
#10 Unknown
11 unknown
#11 Unknown
12 William P Baulch
William Pitt Baulch
13 unknown
#13 Unknown
14 unknown
#14 Unknown
15 unknown
#15 Unknown
16 unknown
#16 Unknown
17 unknown
#17 unknown
18 unknown
#18 Unknown
19 unknown
#19 Unknown
20 unknown
#20 Unknown
21 unknown
#21 Unknown
22 unknown
#22 unknown
23 unknown
#23 Unknown
24 unknown
#24 Unknown
25 unknown
#25 Unknown
Nancy Baulch and Julius Elliott
Julius C. E. Elliott and Nancy L. Baulch Elliott
(1849-1926, 1848-?)
William and Elizabeth Baulch
William Nicholas and Elizabeth Ann Brazier Baulch
(1837-1913, 1844-1921)
Sally Latrobe
Sally Latrobe

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