Lee Cemetery No. 2

Pearl River County, Mississippi

The Lee Cemetery No. 2 is located in Mississippi off Highway 26 west of the Pearl River County and Stone County border. To find this cemetery, drive 13 miles west from Wiggins, MS on Highway 26. Turn left on Red Hill Church Road. Drive 3.4 miles until Red Hill Church Road dead ends into Slick Lee Road to the left and Jess Williams Road to the right. Turn right on Jess Williams Road and immediately park in the drive entrance on your left. The cemetery is set back off the road about a hundred yards on private property.

On June 27, 2004 Howard Baulch visited this cemetery and took photos of the tombstones. He did not meet the owner, but the neighbor across the street told him that the owner would not mind cemetery visits. Howard's great-granduncle, Elijah E. Lee, and many of his family are buried here. The transcriptions and tombstone photos are presented below. Comments in parentheses are not on the tombstone and are additional information offered by the author.

(Full name)
Bessellieu, Barbara Jean   1948    
Bessellieu, Bert Jan 20, 1920 Sep 10, 1976 Father
(h/o Ethel Bessellieu)
In loving memory
Bessellieu, Ethel Aug 21, 1927   Mother
(w/o Bert Bessellieu)
In loving memory
Cole, Alton B. Feb 25, 1891 Nov 10, 1964 (h/o Essie M. Cole) At rest
Cole, Essie M. Aug 18, 1901 Oct 2, 1995 (w/o Alton B. Cole) At rest
Harvey, Mae Ella Mar 15, 1965 Mar 17, 1965    
Lee, Alice
(Alice Ladner Lee)
Sep 6, 1905 Apr 21, 2003 (w/o Rutillus Lee)  
Lee, Elijah
(Elijah E. Lee)
(May 1831)   (h/o Nancy Lee) Co. B
4 Miss. Cav.
Lee, Etta G. Sep 6, 1876 Nov 26, 1932 Mother
(w/o James L. Lee)
She loved us all and
her earthly home.
Now free from misery
and pain, she will
sleep till Jesus comes again.
Lee, James L. Apr 11, 1868 Feb 27, 1924 Father
(h/o Etta G. Lee)
Lee, John R. Feb 24, 1883 Apr 15, 1907 Son of E. E. & Nancy Lee He shall gather the
lambs with His arm,
and carry them in His
Lee, Lovest Jun 9, 1928 Jun 18, 1928    
Lee, Nancy Dec 26, 1838 Dec 25, 1916 (w/o Elijah E. Lee) Kind and loving
Lee, Nancy J. Jan 8, 1886 Feb 22, 1904 Daughter of E. E. & Nancy Lee May the resurrection
find thee on the bosom
of thy God.
Lee, Russel Feb 2, 1897 Old stone:
   Feb 18, 1915
New stone:
   Feb 22, 1914
(s/o James L. & Etta G. Lee) Your absence has left
a lon--- ---d.

Lee, Senith Emeline
(Arsenith Emeline Lee)
Jun 22, 1871 Jan 16, 1913 Dau. of Eliga & Nancy Lee Sleep on thy child
and take your rest.
Lee, Tillus
(Rutillus Lee)
Mar 8, 1900 May 16, 1980 (s/o James L. & Etta G. Lee) At rest
Odom, Grover Cleve
(Grover Cleveland Odom)
(Jan 8, 1892)
1965 (h/o Mildred Paige Odom) Meet me in heaven
Odom, Mildred Paige     (w/o Grover Cleve Odom)
(sister of Otho C. Page)
Page, Lonette
(Lonette Lee Page)
Sep 21, 1924   (w/o Otho C. Page)
(d/o Rutillus & Alice Lee)
Page, Otho C. Aug 23, 1921 Sep 19, 1987 (h/o Lonette Lee Page)  
Seal, Carol Aug 11, 1939 Dec 2, 2003 (w/o E. J. Seal) Another angel in God's choir
Seal, E. J. Feb 7, 1935   (h/o Carol Seal)  
Seal, Edward Feb 22, 1909 Jan 16, 2000 (h/o Florence Seal) Dad and Mother are not dead
They are asleep
Seal, Florence Jan 30, 1916 Aug 5, 1986 (w/o Edward Seal) Dad and Mother are not dead
They are asleep
Seal, George B.
(George Bentson Seal)
Apr 17, 1886 Mar 29, 1950 Father
(h/o Lucy E. Lee Seal)
Lifes work well done.
The rest --- ----
Seal, Joe R.
(Joseph R. Seal)
Sep 30, 1887 Jul 14, 1964 (h/o Mollie D. Seal)
(s/o George B. & Mary Seal)
At rest
Seal, Lucy Lee
(Lucy E. Lee Seal)
Feb 9, 1878 Feb 26, 1957 Mother
(w/o George B. Seal)
(d/o Elijah E. & Nancy Lee)
A tender mother
and a faithful friend
Seal, Martha Sep 14, 1855 Nov 27, 1922    
Seal, Mollie D. Sep 22, 1897 Mar 14, 1982 (w/o Joseph R. Seal) At rest
Smith, Edward J. Mar 30, 1925   (h/o Hazel C. Smith) Married Feb. 7, 1969
Smith, Hazel C. Apr 2, 1932 Feb 15, 1999 (w/o Edward J. Smith) Married Feb. 7, 1969

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