Mary Bright Hunter Young's Photo Sharing

Last updated: April 29, 2002

These photos were emailed by Mary Bright Hunter Young to Howard Stone Baulch in January 2002. This was a loose collection of photos given to her by her mother who may have gotten them from her mother. A few have been identified, but most have not. If you have any ideas on the unidentified persons, please let us know.

Note: Just click on any photo to get a larger view of it. I put low fidelity images of these pictures on the web site to reduce loading times. If you would like a better quality image of any photograph, just ask Mary Bright.

#1 Unknown
#2 unknown
#3 Unknown
#4 Unknown
#5 Unknown
#6 Unknown
#7 unknown
Old Nimmo Home on Brazier Lane,
People unknown
#9 Unknown
#10 unknown
Sunday Afternoon Croquet
#11 unknown
Many Children
Most unknown; Hattie Ann Baulch is rightmost in left window; Joseph Moccasin Baulch is directly below her
Summer Gathering
Many unknown; some labeled on photo: Aunt Molly (Mollie Baulch, 1883-1962), Mrs. Parker (?), Mr. Parker (?), Chas. Baulch (Charles Shapard Baulch, 1872-1951), Cullen Baulch (Cullen Asbury Baulch, 1875-1915), Ruby Horn, Hattie Baulch (Harriet Ann Baulch, 1877-1956), Bill Baulch (William Pitt Baulch, 1868-1927), Miss Nicey Blackmore (teacher), Aunt Fannie (Fannie A. Lindsey Fuqua, 1876-1962).
Baulch Family
William Nicholas Baulch and Family: Mollie, Bill, Joe, Charlie, Grandma, Cullen, Hattie, Susie Bloodworth Taylor, George, Grandpa, Horse is Jim or Chester
Baulch Fam Mollie Bill Joe
Mollie (Mollie Baulch, 1883-1962)
Bill (William Pitt Baulch, 1868-1927)
Joe (Joseph Mocassin Baulch, 1880-1957)
Baulch Fam Charlie Grandma
Charlie (Charles Shapard Baulch, 1872-1951)
Grandma (Elizabeth Ann Brazier Baulch, 1844-1921)
Baulch Fam Cullen Hattie Susie
Cullen (Cullen Asbury Baulch, 1875-1915)
Hattie (Harriet Ann Baulch, 1877-1956)
Susie Bloodworth Taylor
Baulch Fam George Grandpa
George (George Nelson Baulch, 1870-1949)
Grandpa (William Nicholas Baulch, 1837-1913)
Baulch Homestead
Believed to be early William N. Baulch Homestead; William and Elizabeth Baulch and child
Baulch Home
Two unidentified adults, Susie Timmon Stone, Elizabeth Brazier, William N. Baulch, and three unidentified children
William and Elizabeth Baulch
William Nicholas and Elizabeth Ann Brazier Baulch
(1837-1913, 1844-1921)
Elizabeth Brazier Baulch
Elizabeth Brazier Baulch
William Pitt Baulch
William Pitt Baulch
William Pitt Baulch
William Pitt Baulch
Green B Brazier and Charles Shapard Baulch
Green B. Brazier (1871-?)
Charles Shapard Baulch
Charles S Baulch
Charles Shapard Baulch
L Charles Shapard Baulch
Charles Shapard Baulch
Cullen A Baulch
Cullen Asbury Baulch
L Joseph Moccasin Baulch
Joseph Moccasin Baulch
Nancy L Baulch home
Julius C. E. Elliott, Nancy L. Baulch Elliott, and Ellen Shucraft
(1849-1926, 1848-?, 1841-?; still living in 1910)
Ellen Shucraft
Ellen Elliott Shucraft (1841-?)
Ruby Howard and CC Horn
Cousins Ruby Horn (1891-1930), Columbus Cofield Horn (1896-1927) and Joel Howard Horn (1893-1975)
Charles Thomas Smith Nimmo
Charles Thomas Smith Nimmo
Jennie and Jessie with Dad
Charles Thomas Smith Nimmo (1872-1955) with daughters Jennie Elizabeth (1902-1997) and Jessie Beatrice (1904-1988)
Nimmo Family
Charles Thomas Smith Nimmo (1872-1955), wife Harriet Ann Baulch Nimmo (1877-1956), daughters Jennie Elizabeth (1902-1997) and Jessie Beatrice (1904-1988)
Hattie Baulch with daughters
Harriet Ann Baulch Nimmo (1877-1956), daughters Jennie Elizabeth (1902-1997) and Jessie Beatrice (1904-1988)
Jennie and Jessie Nimmo
Jennie Elizabeth Nimmo (1902-1997), Jessie Beatrice Nimmo (1904-1988)
St. Joseph Music Class
St. Joseph Music Class, c. 1914; Jennie Elizabeth Nimmo (1902-1997) is leftmost girl on front row, rightmost girl is Jessie Beatrice Nimmo (1904-1988)
Grace Baulch Jennie and Jessie Nimmo
Ladies (l-r): Grace Baulch (b. 1906), Jennie Elizabeth Nimmo (1902-1997), Jessie Beatrice Nimmo (1904-1988); Young Men (l-r): Nelson Howard Baulch (1902-1986), Hershel O'Dell, Henry O'Dell, James Homer Baulch (1915-1992), Ernest Franklin Baulch (1905-1976); older man unknown
Gordon Hornbuckle
Gordon Hornbuckle
relationship unknown
Nimmo 50th
Charles Thomas Smith Nimmo (1872-1955), wife Harriet Ann Baulch Nimmo (1877-1956), 50th Wedding Anniversary

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