Moab Gibson Affidavit of Ownership

Rapides Parish, Louisiana Conveyance Book 497; Page 237; Filed July 9, 1956


BE IT KNOWN AND REMEMBERED that on this, the 9th day of July, 1956, before me, a Notary Public duly commissioned and qualified in and for the aforesaid State and Parish, personally came and appeared MOAB GIBSON, a resident of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, who declared unto me, Notary, in the presence of the undersigned competent witnesses, as follows:

That he is presently seventy-four years old and he is a son of Amos Gibson who formerly owned property described as E 2 of NE 3, Section 27, and NW3 of NW3, Section 26, T3N, R2E; that Amos Gibson was married but once and then to McDermott Dorcus who died in about 1906; that Amos Gibson died in about 1909.

That of the marriage between Amos Gibson and McDermott Dorcus there were nine children born, namely, Joseph H. Gibson, Daniel W. Gibson, Moab Gibson, Margaret Gibson Tyler, Eli Gibson, Elijah T. Gibson, Julia Gibson Lucas, Parthenia Gibson Wales and Uriah Gibson.

That his brother, Eli Gibson, was married to Lou Hawthorn and that Eli died in about 1945; that Eli Gibson had four children, namely, Harvey Gibson, Albert Gibson, Lodie Gibson Rollins and Gladys Gibson Holly; that Harvey Gibson, the son of Eli Gibson, died in about 1952, being survived by one child, Arnie E. Gibson.

That Elijah T. Gibson died in 1950; that Elijah T. Gibson was married to Clara Satcher and of this marriage ten children were born, namely, John B. Gibson, Katie Gibson Hall, Essie Gibson Flournoy, Effie Gibson McWilliams, Allie Gibson McCan, Herbert A. Gibson, Ina Gibson Iles, Ollie Gibson lies, Willis Gibson and Ellington Gibson; that Ellington Gibson died in about 1937 without having any children.

That Julia Gibson Lucas, his sister, died in about 1921 without being survived by any children.

That Parthenia Gibson was married to James Wales and that she died in about 1927; that she was survived by six children, namely, Wilburn Wales, Gilbert Wales, Ralph Wales, Sylvester Wales, Ruth Wales and Claudia Wales; that Parthenia Gibson was married but one time and then to James Wales.

That Uriah Gibson was married to Minerva Babson; that Uriah Gibson died about 1894 being survived by seven children; that appearer knows that six of these children were Abner Gibson, Marcillus Gibson, Emma Gibson, Alice Gibson, Ophelia Gibson and Susie Gibson; that there was another child of Uriah Gibson but appearer does not know the name of this child.

That appearer is thoroughly familiar with the property described herein; that this property was purchased by his father, Amos Gibson, in about 1894 when appearer was a small boy; that after his father purchased this property he moved on the property, constructing a house thereon where appearer and his brothers and sisters were raised; that Amos Gibson and his family lived on this property until Amos Gibson died in about 1909 and after that appearer's brother, Elijah T. Gibson, moved in to the house that was located on this property and raised his family on the property; that the property was continuously occupied by Elijah T. Gibson and his family until 1940 when he moved from the property; that since 1940 there has been no possession of the property, the house that was located on there having been destroyed by a storm in 1940; that during the time that this property was occupied by Amos Gibson and Elijah T. Gibson, it was used as a farm and was fenced; that Elijah T. Gibson kept the property up, paid the taxes on it and occupied it for the benefit of all of the heirs of Amos Gibson and his wife.

That appearer is the uncle of Ella Tyler White, the daughter of Margaret Gibson Tyler; that appearer knows that Ella Tyler White moved away from this property in about 1908 prior to the time that his father died; that up until the time of her death, Ella Tyler White lived in Rapides Parish; that appearer does not know the exact date on which Ella Tyler White died, but he does know that she died prior to 1925.

Thus done and signed at my notarial office at Alexandria, Louisiana, on the date hereinabove written in the presence of me, Notary, and the undersigned competent witnesses.

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