Descendants of Nicholas Howard Stone



Generation No. 1


1.  NICHOLAS HOWARD1 STONE  (NICHOLASA, STEPHENB, WILLIAMC, JOHND, RICHARDE, NICHOLASF) was born March 04, 1830 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN, and died March 13, 1900 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.  He married (1) SARAH JANE GOURLEY March 13, 1856 in Sumner Co., TN, daughter of JOHN GOURLEY and HARRIET GILES.  She was born August 13, 1835 in Sumner Co., TN, and died July 17, 1869 in Sumner Co., TN.  He married (2) MARY ELIZABETH HANNA May 04, 1870 in Bethpage, Sumner Co., TN, daughter of ABNER HANNA and MARY PARKER.  She was born April 12, 1844 in Bethpage, Sumner Co., TN, and died February 05, 1909 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.



1880 Sumner County, TN  Census Transcription, pp. 271-275, Transcribed in 1988 by Linda Carpenter, Theda Womack, and Cora Mae Harper, Source: Tenth Census of the United States, Tennessee, Sumner County, Microfilm T9, Rolls 1281-1282,  District # 9,  Household 217-139 is listed as follows:

Name                             Race/Sex        Age

STONE, NICKOLAS H.    W M          50

STONE, MARY E.           W F       36


STONE, MARTHA J.        W F        20

STONE, MARY L.            W F                    9

STONE, SUSIE                W F           7

STONE, CLARA T.           W F        5

STONE, JOHN R.            W M        4

STONE, ABNER N.         W M          2

STONE, FRANCIS H.      W M         11/12


1900 Sumner County, TN Census, Civil District 9, Page 126A, transcribed from census image by Howard Stone Baulch:

Name, Relationship, Color, Sex, Birth Month, Birth Year, Age, Marital Status, Number children born, Number children living

Bettie Stone, Head, W, F, Apr, 1844, Wd, 9, 8

Susan Stone, Daughter, W, F, Mar, 1873, S

John Stone, Son, W, M, July, 1876, S

Abner Stone, Son, W, M, June, 1878, S

Frank Stone, Son, W, M, July, 1879, S

James Stone, Son, W, M, Feb, 1884, S

Pearl Stone, Daughter, W, F, Dec, 1885, S


According to D La Pierre Ballard at, the following letter was included in lawsuit 8501 in the loose records of the Sumner County Archives. This letter was written by Nicholas Howard Stone of Sumner Co, Tennessee to his brother Joseph Henry Stone who was living at the time in Kentucky Town, Grayson Co, Texas. The letter was dated 03-DEC-1859 which was less than a month after one of their sisters and one of their brothers had died.


While the spelling and the grammar have been greatly improved to make this letter readable, the wording has been left untouched to retain the favor of the original. Most of the persons mentioned were brothers or sisters of Nicholas Howard Stone and were children of Nicholas Stone and his wife Elizabeth Loving Stone.


Here is a list of most of the persons mentioned in the letter plus the other siblings of Nicholas Howard Stone. The name in

quotes is the person's name as they were referenced in this letter.

Nicholas Stone  "Father"   (1787-1857)

Elizabeth Loving Stone      "Mother"      (1792-1858)

Stephen Stone  "Stephen"     (1811-1867)

Mary S. Stone Brazier       "Polly"    (1812-1859)

Zachariah Brazier  "Polly's husband"     (1812-1846)

Sophia Stone Baulch   "Sophy"    (1814-1885)

Frankey Stone  "Frankey"    (1816-1835)

Keziah Anne Stone Jernigan  "Cuza"    (1824-1863)

Lucinda Stone  (1818-1875)

Joseph Henry Stone  "Joseph"   (1820-1895)

Francis A. Stone  "Frank"   (1822-1882)

William M. Stone   (1826-1890)

Fountain P. Stone  "Fountain"   (1828-1857)

Nicholas Howard Stone  "N.H."     (1830-1900)

Sarah Matilda E. Stone Duke "Tild"    (1832-1868)

Alexander G. Stone  "Alec"    (1834-1878)

James Thomas Stone  "Tommy"    (1837-1859)


The following person was the Methodist minister who presided at the funerals mentioned in the letter. His son Jessie Evans had married Elizabeth Ann Luton whose grandfather William W. Stone was a brother to the father, Nicholas Stone, of above.

Cornelius Evans  "Neely"   (1790-1872)


Particularly interesting is the mention of "the old graveyard". Today, this cemetery is the Stone-Baulch Cemetery which is north of Gallatin, Tennessee. The letter mentions that Tommy wanted to be buried by Fountain who was by Frankey and Mother and Father and our Grandparent. This is exactly how the graves are today. The headstones face east: Fountain and the others are just south of Tommy in the order mentioned in the letter. The Grandparent is Kezziah A. ? who is just north of her husband Stephen Stone, Sr.


December the third 1859, N. H. Stone to J. H. Stone and family.


"Dear brother, I am blessed with an opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that we are not well but alive, some of us yet.


I will say that our sister Polly died on Monday morning about four o'clock on the seventh day of November and was buried on the next day at eleven by her husband at the old graveyard.


And again I will say that our brother Tommy died on the next Monday evening at seven o'clock on the fourteenth day of November and was buried on the next day at three o'clock in the evening. We had his and Polly's funerals preached by old Uncle Neely Evans at the old place before Tommy was buried.


This was a very sad time indeed losing sister and brother in one weeks time and having the funerals preached by an old friend who had known them both all of their lives and talked of them as though there was no doubt but that they were in a better world.


Tommy said several days before his death, that he was ready to die and told where he wanted to be buried. He wanted to be buried by Fountain, so he was, and Fountain is by Frankey and Father and Mother and our Grandparent all together.


Tommy's leg had commenced mortifying and the doctors concluded that it would be the best to cut it off as all knew that he could not live as he was. So they cut it off Saturday about noon and he died on the next Monday night.


Polly died with the same complaint as you have heard before. She had a new doctor and he was seemingly a curing her. I was there on Saturday before she died and from what I could see and what she said that she was a mending very fast. She had a chill the next morning and then a fever and that night all went to bed as usual and she coughing along through the night as common. And at four she coughed and still lay on her back and they knew that was not common. So they got up and she could not speak and never spoke any more and died in about an hour. She has left her family, though, almost grown. They have broken up housekeeping and are a going to live and work about, as they can successfully. They will soon marry I think.


Tommy made a will, if the old deed of father's is not broke the most that he had will go to Alec. He gave the rest all 200 dollars each, Stephen 400 dollars, me he gave a small piece of land and the negro boy and so on, Polly he gave 500 dollars. 200 dollars to each one of their...


The neighbors and the kinfolk especially are generally sick and have been since Tommy's death especially those that went to see him and waited on him while he was sick last. We have had something very much like the eracifular though I reckon that it is not that. Soreness and swelling in the throat and limbs, aching and fever and very bad head ache.


I am just getting about and am not able to work any yet though I was worse off than any of the rest. The rest of them are most all well. Some of them that have been lately taken. Tild went to see Tommy once and she is down now though she is getting some better now. Some are not sick more than three or four days and some two or three weeks. I have been sick three weeks or ever since the next day after he was buried.


My father-in-law is very bad off and don't know that he will live. Sophy and her family don't pester themselves much about any of us. Cuza has been very sick for a long time before Tommy died and it was thought among us that she wouldn't live though she is getting up again.


Last night and today is very sleety and windy and cold.


Joseph, write if you feel like as there are some of us alive yet though we don't know how long it will be. I write to you but never get any answer..."



Burial: Stone-Baulch Family Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN



Burial: Stone-Baulch Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN



Miss Bettie Hanna of Bethpage, Tennessee married Nicholas Howard Stone at Bethpage, by Rev. J. G. Ray. Nicholas Howard and Bettie made their home on the Stone Family homestead farm on Douglas Pike, Gallatin, Tennessee. They are both buried in the Stone-Baulch Family Cemetery.



According to the membership roll of Bethpage Methodist Church, Bethpage, Tennessee on August 28, 1861, Compiled by Babe Ruth Carter, Mary E. Hanna was a single woman and a member of this congregation (she would have been 17 years of age at the time). Others with the Hanna family name are listed in this roll as follows:

     - Abner L. Hanna, male, married

     - Jas. Brice Hanna, male, single

     - John R. Hanna, male, single, "Killed in battle at Shilow 6th April 1862 Rest in hope"

     - James A. Hanna, male, married

     - Mary J. Hanna, female, married

It is presumed that most, if not all, of these five persons were related to Mary Elizabeth Hanna. It is presumed that James A. Hanna and John R. Hanna are the brothers of Mary Elizabeth Hanna also identified in the 1850 census. Mary J. Hanna is the mother of Mary Elizabeth Hanna. Abner L. Hanna is the father of Mary Elizabeth Hanna.  Jas. Brice Hanna is presumed to be the uncle of Mary Elizabeth Hanna identified as Bryson Hanner in the 1850 census.



According to Bethpage Methodist Church History compiled by Babe Ruth Carter, Typed by Sherry Falcon, Copyright, ©1997, a Rev. John W. Hanna ministered to this congregation. This is her notation, 'A most eloquent preacher, the Rev. John W. Hanna, spent his boyhood in the Bethpage community, coming there from North Carolina. It has been said that when a boy on the farm he was sometimes found standing on a stump and preaching. In some respects he may have been well ahead of his time, for he clearly recognized that the scriptures portray God as female at times. In the June, 1982, issue of The Circuit Rider, Virginia Mollenkott wrote the article, "Feminine Images of God in the Bible". It happened that Dr. Hanna once preached a sermon entitled, "Motherhood of God", Isaiah 66:13.' It is not known how or if Rev. John W. Hanna might be related to this Hanna family.


Gallatin Sumner County News, Microfilm Roll #501 - Date: 1905 - 1911, [], (Thursday, February 11, 1909)


"Mrs. Bettie Stone, Wife of the Late N. H. Stone, Passes Away.

Mrs. Bettie Stone, wife of the late N. H. Stone, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G. N. Baulch, on the Douglas Pike last Friday morning at 3 o'clock. She had been in failing health for several months but was not thought to be in any immediate danger until the day preceding her death. Mrs. Stone was born April 12, 1844, and was a daughter of Lee and Mary Jane Hanna, pioneers of Sumner County, who settled on Bledsoe Creek near Bethpage in the early part of the last century. While yet young she was converted under the preaching of Bro. Ray at Bethpage, and all the remainder of her life was a consistent member of the Methodist Church. She was married to Mr. Stone on May 4th, 1870. To this union nine children were born, seven of whom survive her as follows: Mrs. J. T. Widick, of Robertson County, Mrs. R. W. Lee, Mrs. G. N. Baulch and John R., Abner N., Frank H., and James K. Stone, all of this county. She is survived also by one brother, Dr. J. B. Hanna of Bethpage, and one sister, Mrs. W. T. Holder of Nashville. The death of Mrs. Stone marks the passing from earth to the beautiful beyond of a faithful Christian woman, who held the highest esteem of her neighbors and friends and who was charitable and kind to neighbor and stranger alike. She was especially active in church and Sunday school work of Old Salem Church of which she had been consistent member for 39 years. By this faithful hand of Christian workers she will be sadly missed. Funeral services were conducted at the church Saturday morning. The interment followed at the Stone Burying Ground."





Burial: Stone-Baulch Family Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN



2.                i.    ELIZABETH HARRIET2 STONE, b. April 18, 1857; d. April 06, 1902, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.

                  ii.    MARTHA JANE STONE, b. April 13, 1859; d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM KNOX FRANKLIN, November 1889.

                 iii.    MARTIN STONE, b. Abt. 1856.



Martin is listed as a child in this family in the 1870 Census but nowhere else, including the Stone Family Bible.



                 iv.    ALIE STONE, b. Abt. 1861.


Notes for ALIE STONE:

Alie  is listed as a child in this family in the 1870 Census but nowhere else, including the Stone Family Bible.



Children of NICHOLAS STONE and MARY HANNA are:

3.               v.    MARY LEE2 STONE, b. March 27, 1871, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. February 18, 1914, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.

4.              vi.    SUSAN TIMMON STONE, b. March 17, 1873, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. February 27, 1920, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.

5.             vii.    CLARA THOMAS STONE, b. June 02, 1875, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. April 01, 1959, Park City, Barren Co., KY.

               viii.    JOHN RICHARD STONE, b. July 25, 1876, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. February 26, 1947, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.



Listed in the 1920 and 1930 Sumner County, TN Census as single; living with him is his single brother, Frank H.




Burial: Stone-Baulch Family Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN


                  ix.    ABNER NICHOLAS STONE, b. June 10, 1878, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. March 21, 1912, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.



Two years before his death in 1912, the 1910 Federal Census of Sumner County, TN shows Abner as Single and living with his sister, Susie, and her husband, Richard Lee. It is presumed that he never married.




Burial: Stone-Baulch Family Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN


                   x.    FRANCIS HENRY STONE, b. July 26, 1879, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. March 06, 1931, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.



Listed in the 1920 and 1930 Sumner County, TN Census as single; living with him is his single brother, John R.


From the Sumner County, TN Newspaper, Thursday, March 26, 1931:

"Frank H. Stone.  Francis Henry Stone died Friday, March 6th, 1931, at his home on the old Howard Stone homestead north of Gallatin in the 9th district. He was born July 26th, 1879, and was reared in the community in which he died. The burial took place at the old Stone burying ground, with funeral services by Rev. Ed Troutt. The deceased is survived by one sister, Mrs. George Baulch, and by two brothers, John Stone, with whom he lived, and James Stone of Louisiana. His death resulted from heart disease."


From Newby Funeral Home records (

Funeral of: Francis Henry Stone                   

Birth: July 26, 1879          

Died: Mar. 6, 1931              

Burial: Mar. 8, 1931, Stone G. Y., 9th District                

Age: 51-7-5           

Sex: male             

Nationality: white

Married: single             

Place of death: 9th District                  

Physician: Dr. Reese             

Funeral from: home              

Services held at: G. N. Baulch          

Conducted by: Rev. Troutt         

Additional Comments: Geo. N. Baulch is listed at the top of this record.



Burial: March 08, 1931, Stone-Baulch Family Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN


                  xi.    MINNIE SOPHIA STONE, b. February 02, 1882, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. December 05, 1894, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.



Burial: Stone-Baulch Family Cemetary, Sumner Co., TN


6.              xii.    JAMES KAVANAUGH STONE, b. February 14, 1884, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. 1932, Louisiana.

                xiii.    PEARL STONE, b. December 28, 1885, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. April 11, 1906, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.



Burial: Stone-Baulch Family Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN



Generation No. 2


2.  ELIZABETH HARRIET2 STONE (NICHOLAS HOWARD1, NICHOLASA, STEPHENB, WILLIAMC, JOHND, RICHARDE, NICHOLASF) was born April 18, 1857, and died April 06, 1902 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.  She married COLUMBIOUS COFIELD HORN January 19, 1891, son of JOAB HORN and JEMIMAH DAUGHTRY.  He was born December 1852 in TN, and died August 1907 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.



Burial: Gallatin Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN



Burial: Gallatin Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN

Occupation: Photographer



                   i.    RUBY3 HORN, b. October 1891.

                  ii.    JOEL HOWARD HORN, b. September 27, 1893, Sumner Co., TN; d. June 08, 1975, Mesquite, Dallas, TX; m. COLETHA M. GLOVER, 1916; b. July 18, 1898, TX; d. September 28, 1977, Mesquite, Dallas, TX.



Social Security Number: 450-09-5554


                 iii.    LUB C. HORN, b. February 1895.



3.  MARY LEE2 STONE (NICHOLAS HOWARD1, NICHOLASA, STEPHENB, WILLIAMC, JOHND, RICHARDE, NICHOLASF) was born March 27, 1871 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN, and died February 18, 1914 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.  She married JOHN TAYLOR WIDICK December 18, 1896, son of JOHN WIDICK and OCTAVENE DOE.  He was born November 04, 1873 in Robertson Co., TN, and died July 19, 1927 in White House, Robertson Co., TN.



In 1909 she was living in Robertson County, TN.




Burial: February 19, 1914, Old Salem Church Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN

Cause of Death (Facts Pg): Pellagra; Poor hygiene contributory



John's death certificate lists him as "married." It is possible that he remarried after his first wife died in 1914.




Burial: July 20, 1927, Old Salem Church Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN

Cause of Death (Facts Pg): Influenza


Children of MARY STONE and JOHN WIDICK are:

                   i.    MARY OCTAVENE3 WIDICK, b. October 18, 1897, Sumner Co., TN; d. May 1982, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ; m. ? FYKES.



She is listed as Mary O. Wydick in the 1930 census as a lodger living with the John A. Werner family in Indianapolis, Indiana.



Social Security Number: 304-07-5173


                  ii.    CLARA MAY WIDICK, b. September 01, 1900, Sumner Co., TN.



4.  SUSAN TIMMON2 STONE (NICHOLAS HOWARD1, NICHOLASA, STEPHENB, WILLIAMC, JOHND, RICHARDE, NICHOLASF) was born March 17, 1873 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN, and died February 27, 1920 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.  She married JOHN RICHARD W. LEE Abt. 1904 in Sumner Co., TN.  He was born Abt. 1880 in TN, and died Aft. 1930.



Sumner County, Tennessee Obituaries, Thursday, March 4, 1920, "Mrs. Susie Stone Lee, wife of Richard Lee, died at their home on the Douglas Pike Friday, February 27th. Mrs. Lee was born in Sumner County March 17th, 1873, and was before her marriage Miss Susie Stone, daughter of Howard Stone. She was a member of the Salem Methodist Church and was a devout Christian worker in that community where she had lived most of her life. She is survived by her husband and one daughter, Mary Lee, two brothers, Frank and John Stone, and one sister, Mrs. George Baulch, all of the Douglass Pike community. Funeral services were conducted at the residence Saturday afternoon followed by burial at Salem burying ground."




Burial: Old Salem Church Cemetery, Sumner Co., TN


Children of SUSAN STONE and JOHN LEE are:

                   i.    JOHN NICHOLAS3 LEE, b. February 07, 1905, Sumner Co., TN; d. Bef. 1908, Sumner Co., TN.

                  ii.    CAROLINE ELIZABETH LEE, b. May 13, 1909, Sumner Co., TN; d. May 15, 1909, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.

                 iii.    MARY LUCINDA LEE, b. April 07, 1911.

                 iv.    MORRIS LEE, b. Abt. 1906; Adopted child.



5.  CLARA THOMAS2 STONE (NICHOLAS HOWARD1, NICHOLASA, STEPHENB, WILLIAMC, JOHND, RICHARDE, NICHOLASF) was born June 02, 1875 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN, and died April 01, 1959 in Park City, Barren Co., KY.  She married GEORGE NELSON BAULCH December 28, 1898 in Sumner Co., TN, son of WILLIAM BAULCH and ELIZABETH BRAZIER.  He was born June 19, 1870 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN, and died December 04, 1949 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.



Burial: Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, TN

Religion: Methodist



Landholder and farmer. The Baulch homestead was located on Portland Road, Gallatin, Tennessee.





Burial: Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, TN

Religion: Methodist


Children of CLARA STONE and GEORGE BAULCH are:

                   i.    NELSON HOWARD3 BAULCH, b. January 27, 1902, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. October 24, 1986, Hermitage, TN; m. PERYLE REYNOLDS, December 22, 1929; b. September 18, 1901; d. October 07, 1993, Hermitage, TN.



Raised and schooled in Tennessee. Instructor and educator in public and private schools. Schoolmaster at the "Baulch Junior School for Boys" in Park City, Kentucky. Teacher at Gallatin High School, Gallatin, Tennessee. Lived most of his life on the Baulch homestead on Portland Road, Gallatin, Tennessee. An active member in civic affairs. An active member of the Methodist Church, and later the United Methodist Church. Visited the Holy Land with his wife Peryle during the latter years of their life together; they always looked fondly upon that trip as an inspirational moment in their spiritual lives. Retired and lived his remaining days at McKindree Manor, Hermitage, Tennessee.


At, Nelson is listed in the 1925 Senior Class at the University of Tennessee.



Burial: Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, TN

Religion: Methodist



A woman of varied abilities and skills. A successful teacher and girls' athletic coach. An ardent aide of her husband in his work with young people. Much of the ancestral information of the Stone Family came from The Holy Bible of Clara Thomas Stone Baulch. This Bible was in the possession of Nelson and Peryle Baulch until shortly before her death when it was given to Howard Stone Baulch in 1992. Peryle lived the last years of her life in McKindree Manor, Hermitage, Tennessee. At her wake, many Gallatin school teachers and former students spoke about her vibrant way with her basketball players and looked fondly upon her leadership, especially when they participated in  state basketball tournaments.



Burial: Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, TN

Religion: Methodist


                  ii.    ERNEST FRANKLIN BAULCH, b. November 23, 1905, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. August 13, 1976, Park City, Barren Co., KY; m. NELLE LOU VENABLE, September 21, 1929, Portland, Sumner Co., TN; b. December 02, 1909, near Westmoreland, Sumner Co., TN; d. September 30, 2004, T. J. Samson Community Hospital, Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.



Raised and schooled in Tennessee. Attended Vanderbilt Divinity and Graduate School, Nashville, Tennessee. An educator at public as well as private schools. Schoolmaster at "Baulch Junior School for Boys" in Park City, Kentucky. Was first a Methodist minister in Petersburg, Tennessee at the Methodist Episcopal Church South. While teaching at Morgan Preparatory School, Petersburg, Tennessee and preaching at a rural church, he was asked to "fill in" at the Petersburg Presbyterian Church that was without a minister. After several months of doing this, the Presbytery said he could not preach regularly there as a Methodist. [See below.] He then was accepted and ordained as a Presbyterian minister. Instructor at Columbia Military Academy in Columbia, Tennessee. Superintendent of Caverna Independent School District, Kentucky. Director of Summer Head Start Program. Chairman of Inservice Committee. Sgt. of Arms of the Cave City Civitan Club, Kentucky. City Judge, Park City, Kentucky.


In a letter postmarked September 9, 1989 from James H. Baulch (age 74) to Howard S. Baulch:

"... an 'abbreviated' statement as to the answer Ernest [F. Baulch] gave the Presbytery pertaining to their question of his belief in predestination.


When Ernest went before the Presbyterian council in regard to being accepted as a Presbyterian minister since he, as a Methodist minister, was preaching regularly in a Presbyterian church that did not have a minister, the matter of his belief in predestination came up.


His statement to them was that in regard to that question, he would give them two answers and they could then make their decision. He told them that he would give them first the answer that they probably desired which was the one contained in the Presbyterian doctrine and that his second answer would be his own personal belief whereby he did not believe in strict predestination as he did not believe that it was pre-destined as to whether or not he would be accepted by the Presbytery but that he believed that God had a plan for the world and that ultimately God's plan would succeed. He said that he might have received the call to be the minister of that church but that he could refuse the call (someone else would have to accept the call). If he was called to be a Presbyterian minister that his refusal to accept the call at that time did not mean that God would not make the call to him again.


Ernest never had, or never gave me, a copy of his written answer nor was it ever written out in any of his sermons that I had. He used it at times in sermons I heard and also in some meetings I attended during which he elaborated more, however, the main belief is that God's will in an overall viewpoint will be accomplished - God may have a job for Jim Baulch to do but Jim Baulch may not do it; so God will find someone else to hear his call.


I know that I got a lot of my beliefs from my brother as I lived with his [family] for a while, worked in a boarding school with him, and owned and operated a boy's boarding school with him and it is hard for me to explain my own belief on predestination. I know that God's plan for the world will succeed, but I am not that sure that God's plan for Jim Baulch has succeeded. I just pray that one of his alternate plans will succeed. There is no way that I can believe in strict predestination when I look at the happenings in the world in this century or in any of the past nor can I explain Christ's statement that he lost only the one that was so predestined."


At, Ernest is listed in the 1926 Junior Class of the University of Tennessee.



Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Park City, Barren Co., KY

Social Security Number: Social Security #: 413-16-7474



Librarian at Caverna High School, Caverna, Kentucky. President of Park City Women's Club, Kentucky. Member of WSCS. After Ernest's death, she and George moved from Park City to Glasgow, Kentucky.


Glasgow, Kentucky Courier-Journal, October 3, 2004: Nelle Venable Baulch, age 94 of Glasgow, formerly of Park City, died Thursday, September 30th at T. J. Samson Community Hospital. She was a retired librarian at Caverna High School and a member of the First Presbyterian Church. She is survived by two sons, Frank Baulch of Annapolis, Maryland, and George Baulch of Glasgow. Funeral services for Nelle Venable Baulch will be held at 1pm Monday, October 4th, at Patton Funeral Home, Park City Chapel. Visitation will be held after 11am Monday, October 4th, at the funeral home. Alternate expressions of sympathy may take the form of donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


Nelle's funeral service was held at the Patton Funeral Home, Park City, Kentucky, with the Rev. Jamie Morehead presiding. Pallbearers were Howard Stone Baulch, Jonathan Howard Baulch, Nicholas Stone Baulch, Floyd Raymond Duvall, Sr., Brittany Lee Duvall Whittaker, and Burton Miracle.




Burial: October 04, 2004, Evergreen Cemetery, Park City, Barren Co., KY



Marriage Certificate Copy from the State of Tennessee, Sumner County "certifies that Ernest F. Baulch, Age 23, and Nellie Lou Venable, Age 19, were united in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony by Rev. E. L. Knowles on the 21 day of September in the year of our Lord 1929 as appears of record in my office in Marriage Record, Book 17, page 43. This 3rd day of September, 1986, James A. England [?], Clerk of the County Court".


                 iii.    JAMES HOMER BAULCH, b. December 18, 1915, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN; d. November 24, 1992, Slidell, St. Tammany Parish, LA; m. MADIE GIBSON, April 13, 1940; b. May 14, 1919, Bond, Stone Co., MS.



The middle name of Homer came from the man who delivered James into this world, Dr. Homer Reese. Raised and schooled in Tennessee, he spent his grammar school years at the Salem School building where he laughingly claimed he "was the smartest one in the eighth grade ... and the only one!" He attended Spartanburg Textile & Industrial Institute (l.k.a. Spartanburg Junior College), University of Tennessee, and Bowling Green College of Commerce. After graduating from college, he became an instructor and business manager at Harrison-Stone-Jackson Agricultural High School and Junior College (l.k.a. Perkinston Junior College), where he met a student, Madie Gibson, who became his wife. He and Madie moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where he was a bookkeeper and instructor for Carolina Business College. He later joined his brother, Ernest, as schoolmaster at "Baulch Junior School for Boys" in Park City, Kentucky until 1949. From there they moved to Hopkinsville, Kentucky where he was Business Manager for Hopkinsville Lincoln-Mercury and bookkeeper for Hopkinsville Auto Parts until 1958. He was then recruited by Oak Motors of Nashville, Tennessee to be Assistant Business Manager. In 1959 he was recruited by Jim Burke Buick of Birmingham, Alabama to be Business Manager. In 1964 he followed his doctor's advice to find a less stressful job and moved to Slidell, Louisiana to be Business Manager and part owner of John Brown Olds (later Tom Brown Olds-Buick, Del Williams Motors, and Bill Ward Motors), Slidell, Louisiana until his retirement in 1986 (excepting for a brief return to Birmingham, Alabama to help out Jim Burke Buick in 1971).


James Baulch was received into membership of the Salem Methodist Church, north of Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee in October 1929 by his brother, Rev. Ernest F. Baulch. He remained an active member of the United Methodist Church his entire life, holding numerous positions on its boards and committees and taught an Adult Sunday School Class for over 30 years. He was an ardent believer in maintaining a healthy body, engaging in a variety of exercise programs, particularly those centered around running. He won numerous awards for finishing top in his age group for 10K and 5K runs through age 76. Having been raised on a farm, the "farmer blood" never left him. He maintained a vegetable garden wherever he lived and helped his children establish ones for them.


Largely due to his active life style, he looked and acted younger than his years. He was admired and respected by his friends and family for his physical, mental, and spiritual strength. He was the epitome of reliability: if he promised he would do something, he did it as committed and did it well. While quite introverted, he was a friend to anyone who needed him, often selflessly sacrificing himself in support of others. Friends and family knew they could count on him.


He and his wife, Madie, lived a beautiful fifty-two years together. They were always committed to each other, to their family, to their church, and to their friends. They were both victims of a tragic car accident (being hit broadside by a one-ton truck that ran through an inoperative red light) in May 1992 and were hospitalized for over a month. With two brain hemorrhages and numerous broken bones, recovery was slow and physical therapy was difficult. Six months later, a massive stroke put him in a deep, irreversible coma. With no hope of a functional life, his family followed his often repeated request if such an occasion arose. He was taken home and removed from life support systems. He died on November 24, 1992, two days before Thanksgiving. It was as he would have liked it: he was at home in his own bed, kept warm by the quilt made by his mother that had been a wedding gift to Madie and him, and surrounded by his family. Madie, all three children, and all their spouses were there, singing hymns from the United Methodist Hymnal. It was during his son Howard's singing of "How Great Thou Art" that he breathed his last breath here on earth. His son-in-law, Floyd Duvall, fittingly read the Twenty-Third Psalm as he joined the angels in heaven.


Originally, Jim was placed in a mausoleum in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Slidell, Louisiana. After Madie moved to Franklin, Tennessee in September 1997, he was moved to his final burial place in Woodlawn Memorial Park in Nashville, Tennessee, near his parents and his brother, Nelson Howard Baulch.



Burial: 1997, Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, TN

HS Education: Raised and schooled in Gallatin, TN

Religion: Methodist



Madie was given the name Maybell at birth, but her sister, Mittie Ruth, could never pronounce it right and called her Madie. Eventually she legally changed her name to Madie and dropped any reference to Maybell. She was raised in Bond, Mississippi and attended Harrison-Stone-Jackson Agricultural High School and Junior College (later known as Perkinston Junior College).


The following is her wedding announcement contained in a local newspaper:

"Mr. Abner Gibson announces the marriage of his daughter Miss Madie Gibson to Mr. James H. Baulch, son of Mr. G. N. Baulch of Gallatin, Tenn. The groom is a graduate of Bowling Green Commercial Law School of Bowling Green, Kentucky and has been bookkeeping instructor and business manager at Perkinston Junior Colege (sic) for two years when he resigned to take a position in Tennessee. The bride is a graduate of Perkinston High School. The young couple left as soon as his work was completed at the Junior College. They will be at his home in Gallatin, Tenn."


Madie was an accomplished seamstress, making clothes for her children and thirteen grandchildren. She was an active member of the United Methodist Church, having held numerous positions on church boards and committees. One of her greatest gifts is her contributions to the Altar Guild and, more directly, the talent she has with the flower arrangements for the church services. When Jim entered semi-retirement, they enjoyed travels to West Germany, Austria, England, Canada, and Brazil. Life was difficult for Madie after Jim died in November 1992. In September 1997 she moved from Slidell, Louisiana to Morningside Assisted Living in Franklin, Tennessee.



Religion: Aft. 1940, Methodist



6.  JAMES KAVANAUGH2 STONE (NICHOLAS HOWARD1, NICHOLASA, STEPHENB, WILLIAMC, JOHND, RICHARDE, NICHOLASF) was born February 14, 1884 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN, and died 1932 in Louisiana.  He married SENA FRANCES BEASLEY June 21, 1911 in Aimwell, LA, daughter of RUEBEN L. BEASLEY.  She was born 1888 in Louisiana, and died June 1945.



Raised and schooled in Tennessee. Educator in public and private schools. Headmaster of Woodville, Mississippi Boarding School. Principal of Midway School, Midway, Louisiana. Superintendent of Catahoula Parish Schools, Louisiana. Active in politics and civic affairs. Professed Methodist faith in 1897. Member of Modern Woodmen of America, Eastern Star, and Masonic Lodge. A man dedicated to enriching the lives of young people and serving his community and family. An understanding father and a devoted husband.


In the 1930 Federal Census of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, Sena is listed as head of household with children Sena and James living with her. James is not listed in the census, but Sena still lists herself as married.




Occupation: 1909, Professor, Stevenson, AL

Residence: 1931, Louisiana



Married James Kavanaugh on Wednesday, June 21, 1911 at 8:30pm in the bride's home by Rev. R. B. Roberts in Aimwell, Louisiana. An accomplished young lady and a successful teacher. Daughter of Rueben L. Beasley, a prosperous merchant, farmer, and slave buyer. Resided in Harrisonburg, Louisiana.


Children of JAMES STONE and SENA BEASLEY are:

                   i.    SENA ELIZABETH3 STONE, b. April 21, 1914, Aimwell, LA; d. November 1979, Jonesville, Catahoula Parish, LA; m. JOHN S. TALIAFERRO, May 26, 1935, Harrisonburg, LA; b. July 21, 1911; d. October 1986, Jonesville, Catahoula Parish, LA.



Raised in Aimwell, Louisiana. A young lady of refinement, personal attractive qualities, and various achievements.



Son of Judge and Mrs. R. M. Taliaferro of Shreveport, Louisiana. A man of determination who achieved his goal in business by pursuing a standard of excellence in his work. Vice-President of Home Federal Savings and Loan Association in Shreveport, Louisiana.


                  ii.    JAMES KAVANAUGH STONE, JR., b. November 07, 1916, Natchez, MS; d. August 13, 1966, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN; m. MAXINE EDITH ARNOLD, October 24, 1942; b. May 22, 1920, Eureka, KS; d. January 22, 1985, Claremore, Rogers Co, OK.



Raised and schooled in Louisiana. During his college years at LSU, served in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps for four years. Adept at mathematics. Worked for 25 years with the Du Pont Company in the Cost and Contract Division of the Engineering Department at various plant sites. Received several awards for meritorious service for the Du Pont Company. Member of the Roman Catholic faith. Died of a massive coronary and was originally buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Nashville, TN.  After his wife died and was buried in 1985, his body was moved to Oklahoma so that he would be buried alongside his wife.



Bachelor Degree: BS in Engineering, Louisiana State University

Burial: 1985, Woodland Cemetery, Section D, Sand Springs, OK

Social Security Number: Social Security #: 434-22-2295



Raised and schooled in Oklahoma and Kansas. "Button" worked as a stenographer for the Du Pont Company. Girl Scout leader. Member of various women's clubs and church organizations. Studied French horn, piano, and organ.



Burial: Woodland Cemetery, Section D, Sand Springs, OK

Social Security Number: Social Security #: 447-18-6283


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