Old Salem Cemetery
a.k.a. Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery

The Old Salem Cemetery was referred to as the Salem Burying Ground on death certificates in the early 1900's. It is located about two miles north of the city limits of Gallatin, Tennessee on Old Highway 109; turn left on Douglass Lane and drive west about 0.3 miles to Salem United Methodist Church. The cemetery is located behind the church.

On February 1, 2005 Howard Baulch took photos of all tombstones. Howard's great-grandparents, William Nicholas Baulch and Elizabeth Ann Brazier, are buried here. The transcription is listed below. Comments in parentheses are not on the tombstone and are additional information offered by the author.

(Full name)
Agee, James R. Apr 15, 1929 Mar 16, 1966    
Baulch, Elizabeth B.
(Elizabeth Ann Brazier Baulch)
Oct 7, 1844 Oct 18, 1921 (w/o W. N. Baulch)  
Baulch, W. N.
(William Nicholas Baulch)
Feb 26, 1837 Jul 28, 1913 (h/o Elizabeth B. Baulch)  
Baulch, W. P.
(William Pitt Baulch)
Sep 27, 1868 Mar 23, 1927 (s/o W. N. Baulch)  
Burrow, Mamie E. Sep 1, 1891 Aug 29, 1922 Mother A tender mother and
a faithful friend.
Edmonds, B. F.
(Benjamin Frank Edmonds)
Aug 9, 1845 Dec 13, 1922 Father
(h/o Martha Edmonds)
We go to dwell with Jesus
on that bright eternal shore.
Edmonds, Martha May 16, 1857 Oct 29, 1917 Mother
(w/o B. F. Edmonds)
We go to dwell with Jesus
on that bright eternal shore.
Elliott, Julius C. E.
(Julius Caesar Elliott)
1849 1926   At rest
Fuqua, Edward J.
(Edward Jackson Fuqua)
1869 1933 (h/o Fannie L. Fuqua)  
Fuqua, Fannie Lindsey
(Fannie A. Lindsey Fuqua)
1876 1962 (w/o Edward J. Fuqua)  
Hollis, James Richard
(James Richard Hollis)
Jul 3, 1873 Mar 10, 1923 (s/o Martha B. Hollis) His toils are past
His work is done
He fought the fight
The victory won.
Hollis, Martha Baulch
(Martha Sophia Baulch Hollis)
Feb 22, 1846 Nov 15, 1922 Mother
(m/o James R. Hollis)
She was too good, too gentle
and fair, to dwell in this
cold world of care.
Keith, Mattie Clay
(Martha Clay Keith)
Mar 28, 1910 Aug 28, 1924 Sister Children of T. H. & N. A. Keith
Keith, Roscoe
(Roscoe Keith)
Mar 11, 1906 Apr 7, 1923 Brother Children of T. H. & N. A. Keith
Lindsey, Jane Baulch
(Matilda Jane Baulch Lindsey)
1850 1921 (m/o Fannie L. Fuqua)  
Phillips, Austin M., Sr. May 8, 1944 Jan 4, 1986 Father He can never quite leave
us, although he has passed.
A thousand sweet memories
are holding them fast.
Phillips, Dora B. Dec 9, 1908 Mar 12, 1994 Mother Precious memories forever
in our hearts.
Phillips, H. M. Feb 22, 1876 Jun 21, 1951 Father In loving memory
Phillips, Thurman, Jr. Sep 11, 1931 Oct 31, 1951    
Wydick, John T.
(John Taylor Widick/Wydick)
1873 1927 (h/o Mamie Wydick)  
Wydick, Mamie L.
(Mary Lee Stone Widick/Wydick)
1871 1914 (w/o John T. Wydick)  

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