Thomas Cemetery

Stone County, Mississippi

This cemetery transcription and presentation is dedicated to the memory of Terry Wayne Lee, son of Benjamin Franklin Lee, Jr. and Eunice G. Thomas, who died June 30, 2005. A year before his untimely death I met Terry at a local catfish house. When I explained that I could not find this cemetery, he offered to take me there himself.

The Thomas Cemetery is located in the northwest corner of Stone County, Mississippi. Indeed, one must travel north into Forrest County in order to drive back south into Stone County in order to reach the cemetery. To find this cemetery from Wiggins, MS, drive 9 miles west on Project Road which turns into Carnes Road when you cross into Forrest County. Turn left on Red Creek Road. Drive 2.4 miles and then turn left on Hurricane Creek Road. Drive 0.8 miles on Hurricane Creek Road (passing Thomas Road) and make a hard left turn onto Roberts Road shortly before Hurricane Creek Road winds to the right. The cemetery is near the end of Roberts Road on the left.

On June 27, 2004 Howard Baulch visited this cemetery and took photos of the tombstones. Howard's great-great-grandparents, John Riley Lee and Arsenith H. Seale, are buried here. They are 3rd great-grandparents to Terry, and Terry's grandparents, Biser R. Thomas and Winnie Robert Wyers, and his great-grandparents, John E. Alexander Thomas and Missouri Agnes Dale, are also buried here, The transcriptions and tombstone photos are presented below. Comments in parentheses are not on the tombstone and are additional information offered by the author.

(Full name)
Archer, Carl Feb 5, 1905 Mar 7, 1992 (second h/o Velma Evelyn Seals)  
Archer, Velma Evelyn Sep 17, 1902 Nov 20, 1975 (w/o Carl Archer)  
Bounds, Infant Aug 12, 1903 Aug 12, 1903 Son of G. N. & Eliza Bounds  
Collier, Vivian Marie Daughdrill Jun 2, 1958 Apr 25, 2000    
Daughdrill, Conrad Ray Jun 12, 1951 Jan 13, 2004 (s/o Hiram B. & Lizzie
Lodeil Daughdrill)
SP5 US Army
PFC US Marine Corps
Daughdrill, Hiram B.
Jan 20, 1913 Sep 7, 1988 (h/o Lizzie Lodeil Daughdrill) SP5 US Army
PFC US Marine Corps
Daughdrill, Lizzie Lodeil Jul 18, 1918   (w/o Hiram B. Daughdrill)  
Lee, Cynthia Seal
(Arsenith H. Seale Lee)
1809 1884
(Jul 11, 1884)
(w/o John Riley Lee) (This is not an original
tombstone. It was placed
in the 1960's by some of
Arsenith Seale Lee's descendants.)
Lee, John
(John Riley Lee)
1876 (h/o Arsenith H. Seale) (This is not an original
tombstone. It was placed
in the 1960's by some of
John Riley Lee's
Lee, Mrs. Mary
(Mary Jane Lee)
Mar 8, 1881 Aug 18, 1920 Wife of S. J. Lee
(w/o Samuel J. Lee)
Age 39 years
In Thee O Lord
have I put my trust.
McCardle, Henry F. Oct 15, 1903 Aug 5, 1931    
McCardle, Infant   Oct 5, 1926 Inf. Dau. of Frank &
Rovella McCardle
Seals, Clarence Percell Feb 11, 1919 Aug 28, 1978 (s/o Emery & Eliza Lee Seals) Pvt US Army
World War II
Thomas, Biser R. Sep 21, 1883 Nov 22, 1964 (h/o Winnie R. Thomas)
(s/o John E. & Missouri Agnes Thomas)
Thomas, Fannie E. Jan 6, 1915 Jan 14, 1916    
Thomas, Henry Dale Jul 15, 1888 Oct 5, 1918 (s/o John E. & Missouri Agnes Thomas) At Gesnes France.
Meuse Argonne Offensive.
Died on the field of battle.
Twas noble thus to die.
God smiles on valiant soldiers.
His record is on high.
Thomas, J. E. A.
(John E. Alexander Thomas)
Jan 31, 1858 Mar 30, 1919 (h/o Missouri Agnes Thomas) Kindled to begin
A mystery, why?
Death is but sleep
Weep not nor sigh.
Thomas, Jack Jul 19, 1916 Mar 6, 2000 (s/o Biser R. Thomas
& Winnie R. Wyers)
In God's care
Thomas, John Homer Oct 6, 1892 Oct 11, 1892 (s/o John E. & Missouri Agnes Thomas) Heaven benignly called thee
hence in all thy pure
sweet innocence.
Thomas, Missouri Agnes Oct 22, 1859 Nov 3, 1925 (w/o John E. Thomas) Rest, Mother, rest
in quiet sleep.
While friends in sorrow
o'er thee weep.
Thomas, Steven Obed Sep 27, 1893 Sep 21, 1896 (s/o John E. & Missouri Agnes Thomas) Our darling one hath gone
before, To greet us on
the blissful shore.
Thomas, Winnie R.
(Winnie Roberta Wyers)
Sep 4, 1895 Jun 21, 1992 (w/o Biser R. Thomas)  
Walters, Daniel B. Apr 16, 1919 Feb 4, 1983 (s/o William Alvin &
Velma Evelyn Seals Walters)
TEC5 US Army
World War II
Walters, Mary Autress Apr 9, 1925 Mar 7, 1997    
Walters, William A.
(William Alvin Walters)
1896 1928 (first h/o Velma Evelyn Seals)  
Wyers, Henry C. Jul 16, 1867 Jul 12, 1900   Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.
Wyers, Infant Dau Nov 13, 1897 Nov 13, 1897 Dau of H. C. & A. M. Wyers Still Born
Wyers, Infant Son Nov 15, 1898 Nov 29, 1898 Son of H. C. & A. M. Wyers At rest

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