Union Hill Cemetery

Rapides Parish, Louisiana

The Union Hill Cemetery is located southwest of Alexandria in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. To find this cemetery from Alexandria, take Interstate 49 south for eighteen miles to Exit 66. Turn right onto LA Highway 112 and go six and one-half miles. Turn left onto US Highway 165 and go five and one-half miles. Turn right on LA Highway 113 and go ten miles. Turn right on LA Highway 112 and go one mile. The cemetery is on a hill on your right.

On March 25, 2004 Howard Baulch visited this cemetery and took photos of selected tombstones. Howard's second-great-grandaunt, Elizabeth E. Gibson Johnson, and some of her family are buried here. The transcriptions and tombstones are presented below. Comments in parentheses are not on the tombstones and are additional information offered by the author.

(Full name)
Johnson, David Crockett Sep 23, 1868 Feb 7, 1962 Father
(h/o Elizabeth Strother)
(s/o Obediah Johnson
& Elizabeth E. Gibson)
In loving memory
Johnson, Elizabeth
nee Gibson
(Elizabeth E. Gibson)
Feb 27, 1840 Mar 28, 1909 Erec(t)ed by her husband,
Obey Johnson
(d/o Zedekiah R. Gibson
& Sarah Hight)
We knew no sorrow,
knew no grief
Till thy bright face
was missed.
Johnson, Elizabeth S.
(Elizabeth Strother)
Oct 29, 1870 Aug 16, 1909 Mother
(w/o David Crockett Johnson)
In loving memory
Johnson, Obie D.
(Obey Dyer Johnson)
Jan 19, 1898 Sep 7, 1979 (s/o David Crockett Johnson
& Elizabeth Strother)
Cpl US Army

Although tombstone photos are not included, a more complete transcription of this cemetery is available on ftp.rootsweb.com.

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